or just, CAVALLARIA, the visionary artist, unveils the hidden realms, conjuring the ethereal into tangible form. Her inspirations—feminine muses, time's elusive grasp, and the vast dimensions—breathe life into her art, transcending boundaries with an enchanting allure.

Marcos, the maestro of artistic expression, dances across diverse frequencies, weaving his talents as a filmmaker, photographer, painter, actor, poet, and musician. Contemporary art becomes his canvas, where immersive exhibitions unfurl, awakening minds to the enigmatic theories of Time and Space, beckoning existential introspection.

From the tender age of 15, Marcos embraced his artistic calling. Guided by his art-dealing mother, he embraced anatomy and light, capturing feminine energy within his sketches and paintings, unearthing a profound source of inspiration.

In harmonious fusion, Marcos unites diverse paths, infusing each creation with vibrant vibrations and tactile textures. His art transcends the confines of perception, delving into metaphysical depths and exposing society's raw realities with poetic photography. Through varied forms and platforms, he kindles artistic movements, painting his restless soul across the creative canvas.

Renowned as a pioneer, Marcos birthed the "fashion film movement" in 2009. Collaborating with prestigious publications like Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, and iconic luxury houses such as Paco Rabanne, Giorgio Armani, Givenchy, he weaved captivating stories through his lens.

From continent to continent, Marcos's creations have traversed the globe, leaving an indelible mark on America, Asia, Europe, and Africa, resonating with souls across diverse horizons.

Luminaries grace his works—Matthew McConaughey, Zac Efron, Gisele Bundchen, and more—joined in artistic communion. A sponsored luminary of RED Digital Cinema, Marcos harnesses their power to capture ethereal stills that resonate beyond the frame's confines.

Awards adorn his path—the selection of "The Iron Maiden" at Cannes, the international acclaim of "Punk Love" and its groundbreaking "Motion Light Painting"® technique. In 2010, he unveiled the world's first 3D fashion show, etching his name into history's annals.

Contemporary Art's embrace becomes his stage—Art Basel, Burning Man—an arena where "Stardust"® and "TimeFrame"® enthrall audiences. MoMA and StormKing in New York showcase his art films, engaging the depths of the soul.

In the tide of uncertainty, Marcos and Luma Grothe birthed "Light Up!", a poignant reflection on humanity's plight. With Paco Rabanne's support, NFT artwork sales rallied to aid Amazon's native tribes amidst the pandemic's onslaught.

A nomad at heart, Marcos wanders between NYC and Paris, his spirit eternally rooted in São Paulo, Brazil. As his restless soul seeks expression, his art continues to unfold, casting ripples of enchantment across the realms he traverses.

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